Shelby County Athletic League

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Cross Country All-League

2017-18 Boys First Team

Jake Rethman, Jr., Fort Loramie
Joe Ballas, Jr., Fort Loramie
Austin Fullenkamp, Sr., Botkins
Tristin Freistuhler, Jr., Houston
Noah Siegel, Sr., Fort Loramie
Ethan Knouff, Jr., Houston
Jacob Robinson, Fr., Anna

Runner of the Year:
Jake Rethman
2017-18 Boys Second Team

Collin Luthman, Sr., Fort Loramie
Parker Morris, Sr., Jackson Center
Zachary Bell, Sr., Russia
Blake Jacobs, So., Houston
Alan Fullenkamp, Fr., Botkins
Patrick Toller, Sr., Anna
Jordan Drees, So., Fort Loramie

2017-18 Girls First Team

Danielle Berning, So., Fort Loramie
Megan Frazier, Sr., Russia
Paige Rethman, So., Fort Loramie
Hollie Voisard, Jr., Houston
Becca Seger, Fr., Russia
Corynn Heitkamp, Fr., Fort Loramie
Claire Meyer, Jr., Russia

Runner of the Year:
Danielle Berning
2017-18 Girls Second Team

Caitlyn Gasson, Fr., Fort Loramie
Danielle Eilerman, Fr., Fort Loramie
Emma Koenig, Fr., Botkins
Morgan Ely, Sr., Houston
Angel Rodriguez, Fr., Fort Loramie
Anna Fiessinger, Jr., Russia
Brooklyn Flora, Sr., Botkins

2016-17 Boys First Team

Jake Rethman, So., Fort Loramie
Joe Ballas, So., Fort Loramie
Tom Ballas, Sr., Fort Loramie
Lucas Huber, Sr., Anna
Tristin Freistuhler, So., Houston
Noah Siegel, Jr., Fort Loramie
Austin Fullenkamp, Jr., Botkins

Runner of the Year:
Jake Rethman
2016-17 Boys Second Team

Bradley Axe, Sr., Anna
Zachary Bell, Jr., Russia
Ethan Knouff, So., Houston
Alan Holdheide, Sr., Fort Loramie
Mason Dapore, Fr., Russia
Parker Cox, Jr., Houston
Matthew Burden, Sr., Anna

2016-17 Girls First Team

Paige Rethman, Fr., Fort Loramie
Megan Frazier, Jr., Russia
Danielle Berning, Fr., Fort Loramie
Audrey Gariety, Sr., Russia
Anna Fiessinger, So., Russia
Hollie Voisard, So., Houston
Claire Meyer, So., Russia

Runner of the Year:
Paige Rethman
2016-17 Girls Second Team

Shae Goubeaux, Sr., Russia
Morgan Ely, Jr., Houston
Brooklyn Flora, Jr., Botkins
Hannah Siegel, Fr., Fort Loramie
Jenna Thomas, Jr., Fort Loramie
Allie Voisard, Sr., Houston
Clare Caldwell, Fr., Russia